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Conversation Between xXAngiXx and KingArt

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  1. Hi Angi and actress? That sounds like an awesome goal! everyone should reach for something big. I think you can do it ^^
    And it's ok take your time in replying :3 this is a forum, meant for when you have free time. ^^ I'll always get around to replying.
  2. Sorry for the slow reply, a lot of things have been happening ;-; Hobbies.. hmm.. I really wanna try cosplay sometime, never had the chance, I love love love acting, its a huge passion i also love singing, im in showchior c: I also really like making kandi bracelets, there like really colorful and i dont know, i find it fun. My goal in life is to be a hair stylist or actress but , the second ones far fetched xD
  3. Idk So many rumors, no official announcements... I heard they are working on a project right now that they want to finish before going back to H.O.T.D... another person tells me that they don't have enough material for the second season yet because the manga hasn't progressed far enough yet... all I know is that they are taking their sweet time -.-
    The Nurse is funny xD she has her own built in pillows for when she wants to take a nap.
    I like to draw clothing :] I draw myself to the best of my ability with outfits... usually cosplay ideas. I really want to get into cosplaying but Idk anyone IRL who knows the ropes, or has experience in making outfits. My goal is to make a bunch of friends in the upcoming Comic Con here in San Diego ^^ so I can get into the cosplay world.
    So what are your hobbies like :3 ?
  4. LOL oh cake... xD Well, at least you know what you are good at lol and id love to share drawings! i just gotta stop being lazy and take pictures. and when is the second season being realeased? D: IT WAS SO GOOD. I tell my sister shes like the nurse, shes only good for her boobs -.-" and i fell in love with tamiki, like seriously, his puppy dog face is perf. what kind of drawings do you draw? like fan art or your own characters? jw xD i stick to fan art most of the time ;-; im lazy Im glad your good at starting conversations because i really suck. xD
  5. Same! I love to draw, but sadly I don't live up to my name -.- I'm not much of an artist... but hey if it brings you joy then it's worth it ^^ we should share drawings sometime! Highschool of the dead is awesome :] been waiting on that second season for ever now >.< And Ouran is another favorite. My ex would tell me I was like Honey-Senpai, useless for almost everything but eating cake. -.-
    Sadly I agree, cake is awesome<3
  6. Im angi, nice to meet you too and Thanks :3 and hmm well my favorite animes are shuffle ouran host club and highschool of the dead. I love drawing and singing im not very good at either but you know. And i love meeting new people im just not very good at it D:
  7. Welcome to the world of tomorrow!... I mean AnimeForum! I'm Art, nice to meet you. :] shoot me a message when you're bored. Let me know what you're into, what animes you like, hobbies, I like to talk about everything and anything.
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