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Conversation Between Fuu Kasumi and Purple Angel

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  1. Oh, neat! I've only seen a few of the episodes myself, but I read the manga <3.
    I'm into almost every type of music, but mainly alternative/indie/pop.
  2. Never been on that site (except now) I like it
    What a coincidence, I just started watching NANA I love it ^-^ but I don't why I haven't it before, it's amazing though I've got up to episode 5, still a long way to go >.<
    yay, I got it right I love gorillaz and I love rock and indie music, though it really suit my character and appearence
    no problem
  3. I found the avatar on, it's of Hachi from NANA.
    My profile pic is my drawing of Noodle from the Gorillaz, yes. (:
    thanks <3
  4. I love your avatar Where's it from?? Also your profile pic looks like one of the people from gorrilaz? Sorry if I'm wrong >.< Also you're name is lush ^-^
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