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Conversation Between Fuu Kasumi and Shini

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  1. Yeah, I hope Will & Emma get together.
    I can't wait for the new episodes to start. (:
  2. Same here.
    Yes, he kinda came out of nowhere, didn't he? I think we'll get Will & Emma together before the show ends (which is supposed to be at the end of next season?). Same here, although I could totally see a scenario where she steals him from Emma.
  3. Yeah, out of the two of them, I like Santana better. (:
    I wouldn't mind that either! Stamos needs to butt out. (He and Santana as a couple would be too funny for me to handle.)
  4. If only I could put into words how much I agree with that exactly lol.

    I love it too! Brittana forever. I'm more so a Santana fan, but I love Brittana as well. I wouldn't mind John Stamos, like falling off a cliff or something (Bou suggested that Santana date him lol) so that Will and Emma can get back together whilst adding to the awesomeness that is your avatar.
  5. EXACTLY. <3
    I love the Santana + Brittany avatar (:
  6. I just came here because I saw that you looked at my profile and-- WILL AND EMMA AVATAR ZOMG!!!11.

    Glee. Is. Win. <3
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