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Conversation Between Fuu Kasumi and Daken.

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  1. Definitely. And I agree, Jensen needs to be in more movies.
  2. Supernatural. 8D
    Jensen is the best.
  3. I can tell, haha. :)
  4. He's my favorite too .
    I like making graphics on him . Haha.
  5. I'm waiting for it to be on Netflix because my friend and I watch it together.
    Dean's my favorite. c:
  6. Sadly, neither have I.
    I'm still trying to catch up, haha. :>
    Who are you a bigger fan of, Dean, Sam, or Castiel?
  7. You're welcome.
    Yes, although I haven't been able to watch the newest season.
  8. Thanks for the rep.
    Are you a fan of the show? :]
  9. She got bored with it because there wasn't much activity on the forum at the time.
    and she rarely gets on the Internet now, too.
  10. Oh really? Would of never guessed lol.
    Why doesn't she come on anymore?
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