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Conversation Between Fuu Kasumi and SuXrys

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  1. Oh that is really good news! He is definitely one of my favorite characters (him and Stark), and I guess he is one of yours aswell. ~ ;-) Lol. The only thing that I didn't liked was that he still had that zipper on his jacket even after changing into that other "form" of his. Hahah! I guess I am just little sensitive.
  2. Yes, he'll be in the Thor movie
  3. Oh puuuuurrr *pleased cat-sound* ^w^
    Do you know if Loki will appear in the second thor movie?
  4. Yes, they're making an Avengers 2. As well as an Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 2.
  5. I think I have heard that they are going to make 1-2 new Avengers movies, but I am not completely sure - it's just something that is somehow in the back of my head... But perhaps you know more about it?
  6. Yes, I have seen the Avengers.
  7. Mhew, I have faced that problem too, little annoying really. >__>
    Judging from your avatar I assume you have seen the new Avangers movie?
  8. I tried to rep you, but I have to spread some around first, apparently.
  9. From super mario? oh hahah! You will get such respect on halloween when you are going to wear that dress! People will look at you and cheer, atleast that is what I would've do. ^^
  10. It's called "princess pink" but it's basically a shorter version of Princess Peach's outfit.
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