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Conversation Between Kaori F. and Will Phuah

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  1. Haha~ but Munakata x Kuroh is too funny to refuse. And Kuroh x Suoh is too weird to refuse either. XD
    What did you think about the ending of K?
  2. xD I only ship Shiro with Kuroh, Shipping Kuroh with anyone else would be extremely wrong in my eyes xD
  3. I ship anyone who can pair with Kuroh. Like Munakata and Kuroh, Shiro and Kuroh and Mikoto and Kuroh.
    They're weird pairs but I love them. XD
  4. Haha! yes! Munakata ships yaoi indeed! And I ship Munakata with Mikoto. >_>
    I also ship Fushimi with Yata ofcorse! xD
  5. Gosh Munakata. No offense, but it's so obvious he's promoting Yaoi!
    I always do a face palm whenever I replay the parts where he got so intimate with Kuroh and Mikoto. XD
  6. Haha Yay!
    But I like Scepter4 thanks to Fushimi xD
    And well Munakata is a boring character, unless he's with Mikoto, they're so cute together!
  7. I see. I like Homra more than Scepter 4 for sure.
  8. Yes!! I saw your picture! And yes the K Fandom is awesome! <3
    My favorites are Yata, Saruhiko and Mikoto.
    I love Homra...
  9. I love you too! People who watch K Project should be a in a big family together. XD
    Did you see my avatar? Well, my most favourite isn't Shiro, but Kuroh. I like Kuroh, Shiro and Kusanagi.
    What 'bout you?
  10. PshhPshhh!! I love you, because you watched K Project, however my favorite isn't the same character as yours, I think...
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