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Conversation Between Kaori F. and Will Phuah

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  1. I see. I mistaken Belgium as a state in Germany. Lol. Too bad I don't study world Geography. ==
    Does it really? ><
    Oh God, I love Psycho-Pass !! XDD but I haven't watched the newest episode yet. T^T
    I've been wanting to finish the Higurashi series. And then I wanted to finish K and Psycho-Pass once and for all.
  2. Nope, Belgium, and you?
    And.. That still sounds ecchi-loving... xD
    Right now, without a doubt Psycho-Pass. how about you?
  3. I see... You're in Germany right?
    Nah, not because of the ecchi scenes ~ Because some of the ecchi scenes are important, and if I'm gonna finish an anime, I'm gonna watch every single thing without missing anything ! XD
    By the way, what anime are you chasing currently?
  4. I also would love to buy K but I don't think I will find it in my country..

    xD You Ecchi-lover person xD
  5. I see. Normally I prefer to buy the manga if I'm reading serious manga like K. The manga I usually read online are all...
    Haha, thanks too. I'm gonna rewatch K~ Cuz probably Animax cut some ecchi scenes. ==
  6. xD you should really start reading the manga soon, it's still ongoing but they don't publish new chapters very often, they also only have 8 chapters so far.
    And ahwwwiiii thank you! I also like yours! :3
  7. Oh God,. XD I didn't read the manga though. I will one day. XD
    I've been wanting to say this, I like your profile pic.
  8. I also am wondering what Mikoto said. Maybe we will find out in the manga?
    MAYBE HE SAID " SAVE THE WHALES. " xD It's all over tumblr.
  9. I don't think so. XD
    Yeah. Especially when Munakata stabbed him. I agree with you, I too was crying from half the show till the end. Surprisingly I didn't cry for Shiro, maybe I still treated him as "not dead yet". XD
    I'm still wondering what Suoh told Munakata in the end. I cried extra much. T^T Saiko no Ou !
  10. Haha do Kuroh and Suoh even have a true conversation? o-o
    Hmm, I didn't want Mikoto to die, other than that I found it a good one, I do have to admit that Suoh's death is one of the reasons why the ending is so good, because you can see how Homra reacted to it, and I swear that I was crying so fucking much! It had so many emotions! But I'll miss Suoh forever! </3 He was the best king we could've ever wished for.
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