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Conversation Between rso0 and Eris

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  1. I wish I were gay. Would make my life easier
  2. When I was in good physical health it was a lot bigger than 2 inches.
  3. Yes it is I think.. not sure what you mean by "its a grower"

    If you want I can tell you how many inches I am >.> LOL
  4. (_)_)iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiD
  5. I disassembled the baby. Wanted to know how it worked.

    Didn't work when I put it back together again :-(

    Never was very good at biology.
  6. Hey baby. Hows the child support? Wanna make more babies with me? LOL
  7. If I give you your child support will you talk to me?
  8. Eris my love!
  9. I am not the father. I wish I were though.
  10. Sup.

    ... where's my child support?
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