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Conversation Between rso0 and Eris

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  1. Diablo 1 > Diablo 2
  2. I has bowner in diablo 2
  3. Cool story.
  4. What's with that buldge in your stomache sorry about my huge cumshot
  5. Cool story.
  6. Sorry about breaking the condom and everything...

    Rub some tenderloin? LOL

    Spill the milk?

    Choke the chicken?

    Ride the Giraffe?
  7. Cool story.
  8. Juicy Sirloin steak? Buttery potato? Caesar Salad? Hungry? Want some beef?
  9. Wanna pet the salami? Choke the chicken? Flog the dolphin? Sweat the pig? Tenderize the pork? Marinate the beef? Slap the donkey? Milk the cow? Say hello to Long Dong? Cook my meatloaf? Grab some eggs?

    Hungry? Want some beef?
  10. I'm sorry, did I get you pregnant last night?
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