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Conversation Between Formalin Sea and Zainox

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  1. Which one? My main one is from here. And the other is from here.
  2. Does it still hurt? Have you been to see a doctor or done anything to try and relieve the pain!? D:
    Not everyone was nice!? O:
    You always have the weirdest, coolest looking avatars. Where do you find them? xD
  3. It hurts! BUT We did it was super fun most everyone was nice..
  4. What did you end up doing? Eat lots of smores and/or marshmellows? xD (This is how I imagine camping, lol)

    OWCH! Damn! Are you ok? I know wasp stings aren't fun, thankfully I never have been stung.
  5. Yush It was hella dope but Bug bites. I GOT 40 BUG BITES AND 2 WASP STINGS.
  6. Welcome back! Have fun camping!?
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