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Conversation Between Sorana and redtear

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  1. lol maybe the their teachers don't care T_T;.
    Here some teachers in school tell you on the first day of class >_> that we can sleep if we want as long as we don't drool on the desk and snore lol.
    I think teachers here hate their job too much to care >_>;.
    And college professors here only care for their research T_T to care lol.
    I like that though lol more sleep for me <3.
    Hahahaha bad people destory it T_T;. That's really sad though.
    I always hate the site of destroyed forests T_T; all those poor animals.
    That island looks so beautiful ^^ the water is so clear there.
    Now i want to go to a pretty beach like that.
    I know what u mean by pollution. India has a lot of garbage all over and it's not good.
  2. Well just be careful not to got caught when sleeping in class, I sat exactly in front of the teacher coz' my badluck
    and I just fell asleep but the teacher never actually angry at me.. or maybe they just didn't notice =u="
    ah, right! romantic dream is really touching ;_; once I dream about a guy who turned into a rose to help me and I cried
    there's many things to do here! and I bet at your place too right? ^^
    Hm.. I think it does have a pretty nature, but bad ppl are destroying it slowly but sure Q_Q
    I lived in a small city and my dad told me this place used to have many trees and forests but now it's gone
    I hope one day I could make the city green again

    there's a small town named Derawan Island near here, and the beach is sooooo pretty
    it's almost like... we're not in earth anymore (a bit exaggerating) but it is so pretty ;u;
    I hope it'll not polluted like the others beach we have...
  3. Haha but sleeping in school doesn't count T_T;. I remember my first year of college my friend and i went to our 8 AM class. We sat up all the way up front (it was a lecture hall). And moment we got there we just fall asleep lol. I bet the professor wasn't too happy ^^.
    lol why don't you go to the nurses office ^^. That's what a lot of people did at my friend's school T_T;. They make stupid excuses and go to nurses office and sleep in the beds there. I hear people actually got banned from the nurses office from doing that too much lol.
    Nuuuu u like sleep with no dreams T_T. I'm opposite, i used to sleep just to get really good dreams lol. I really like romantic dreams ^^. If they are the right kind they can be so beautiful lol.
    That's awesome ^^ i used to have a few friends from Indonesia couple of years back.
    What are some fun things to do there.
    Does it have really pretty nature.
  4. LOL it's pretty much like that *u*b even at school almost all of my friends know my hobby is sleeping /slapped
    maybe because when we have a break, I used it for sleeping
    that's absolutely right, I wish I have a comfy bed at school... well I'm pretty satisfied using the table as my bed xDD
    and that's why I prefer a sleep without any dreams, or maybe I had but forgotten it
    ahahaha maybe sometimes there're problems sleep can't solve -u-"

    I played the first one too I think, it's been a long time ago but the game still rocks! ^^
    I'm from indonesia xD
  5. Soooo does that mean sometimes u go....i want to do something fun....i know lets sleep....*falls in bed* lol.
    I like the sound of that actually T_T; i'd love to have a day like that where i can do that and just sleep ^^.
    Not to mention >.> the bed always looks sooooo comfy when u have to study lol.
    Yessss nightmares can be bad but sometimes fun. The worst dreams are the ones that are painful emotionally though since u really feel those emotions like they're real.
    Dreams can really mess up that day and sometimes make that day really happy if it was a good dream lol.
    hahahaha well that's why people say "i'll sleep on it" when they want to solve a problem they can't. You not only feel rested but your brain tries to solve it as u sleep.
    But >_> i'll admit sometimes it does a horrible job and it makes things worse T_T; lol.
    Awwww Kingdom Hearts really saw cute ^^ which one did you play. I only played the first one.
    Nuuuu you're so nice ^^ thank you.
    Btw, where are you from.
  6. well yeah it's pretty funny I think, but I love sleeping sooo much, so I added it on my hobby list lol
    *A* oohh nice! the dreams are part of what make sleeping a good thing to do <3
    sometimes there're nightmares but the nightmares are pretty interesting too lol

    wooh I guess that's proof why we need to sleep if we have a lot of problems rather than go ranting about the problems nowhere xD
    LOL yeah maybe a lot of work to do that, just let it be like that
    sure! it's a cool game, and a cute one! I love the disneys character inside the story
    Thanks~ yours is a nice name too, it give an unique ring when I spell it! Kushal -^^-
  7. Hahahaha saying sleeping is a hobby sounds soooo funny ^^; but >.> oh such a great hobby.
    I used to really like sleeping since i would just fall in bed and daydream about nice things and hope to have really nice dreams. Dreams make things seem so real.
    And yessss it does soothe your body and soul lol.
    You know why you feel clear minded ^^; when you sleep your brain revisits all your problems and thinks of solutions from past experiences so u feel a lot less stressed lol.
    That guy in video T_T so beautiful such art lol :P. I LOVE the way he ate the cereal ^^ one of my favorite parts lol. And >.> short table nuuuu too much work. You would have to lift yourself up and move your arms for EVERY bite >_>; why not let gravity take care of all that lol jk xD.
    Sora reminds me of Kingdom hearts ^^ have you played that game lol. Angel is such a beautiful name, i really like it. So ummmm i'll mix it up with Rana (it's nice name also ^^) and Angel lol.
  8. sometimes sleeping doesn't mean you're lazy though~ it's just a kind of hobby /slapped
    omg lolololol that guy is so AWESOME! *A* I admire him soooo much now! but I dunno for the eating style lol I figure he should buy a short table instead
    if I sleep, then all the bad things in my mind will be cleared~ it soothe my body and soul -^^-
    ok then KP! You can call me Sora or Rana, or Angel! (it's my real name, since you told me yours)
  9. Yepppp some days i just want to sleep all day T_T; or maybe that is because i like being lazy also ^^; lol.
    I am totally like this guy >_>;....
    Okok maybe i'm not that bad :P lol.
    What is the best part about sleeping for you ^^. And ummmm well my real name is Kushal (i'm indian but grew up in the US) so people call me KP but really T_T; u can call me whatever u want lol. So what should i call you?
  10. Hi there! *A* you like to sleep too?
    sleeping is fun actually~ and of course I want to be your friends!
    what should I call you then?
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