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Conversation Between yokocrescent and Blackwaltz

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  1. Okay, I'm just glad you didn't forget about me.
  2. i have been busy with otehr things on facebook im really behind on the request
  3. Hiya Yoko, any luck with that request?
  4. Much obliged Yoko-sama. I hope you had a pleasant New Years Eve and hope 2013 treats you greatly.
  5. ill see what i can do waltz
  6. Oops forgot to give you the link to the video.
  7. Okay I was watching a Vocaloid music video, World's End Dancehall, and saw this part in it where Miku is hopping around on a gear and thought it would make an awesome .gif Would you be able to turn it into one for me? Just about everyone knows how to get the videos off of YouTube, my only question is do you have the software to capture it and turn it into a gif? Preferably with her just hopping and then moving into the spinning jump she does near the end of the video. Thanks for your help if you can.
  8. alright shoot Black
  9. Hello Ms. Yoko. I have a request for you if it's possible for you to do.
  10. look at my pic stuff like that im an editor for come little children originals on facebook
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