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Conversation Between Vixen Argentum and -Sasuke Uchiha-

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  1. Hey. Wassup?
  2. About I only can play orchestra instruments like trombone and clarinet cuz I'm joining the orchestra band in school. That's all I can play.
  3. I was taught viola by a professional when I was small, but when I was 16, I used that knowledge to teach myself to play the violin. The two instruments aren't very different from one another, so it was easy to do.

    Did you ever learn to play anything, or have you just stuck to martial arts?
  4. Wow O_O That was great. Did you practice playing the violin by yourself or you get a professional teacher to teach you.
  5. Yeah, I play the violin and the viola well. I've toured all over the world as a violist for hire. And I teach a studio of students!
  6. Ok. Do you have any special talent?
  7. I live in the USA. Lansing, Michigan to be specific. <3
  8. So, where are you form? I'm form Malaysia.
  9. Hmmm, that's a hard one. I really like White Reflection by TWO-MIX, Song of the Seasons by minmi, and INVOKE by T.M. Revolution.
  10. I really like TOTALFAT band. Their songs are really rock!!! Besides, I also like Noria, Access, Ikimono Gakiri, Nico Touches The Wall and Flow. Actually, I have loads of them to mentioned. What j-pop song do you like the most?
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