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Conversation Between -Sasuke Uchiha- and Nunnally Vi Brittania

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  1. Sword Art Online was really good, I loved it! I wanna watch the dub when it comes out.
    They've been dubbing these anime pretty quick, dontchathink? And have you read Naruto lately? It's starting to slow down in progression, and it bothers me a little....
  2. yup, sword art online of course ^^
    about mirai nikki....... I have watch it. cool anime,huh.
  3. No problem!
    Oh, and have you watched Mirai Nikki or Another lately? They just dubbed the anime and I'm so happy with how well it turned out to be!! I've been watching Free too. Fangirl nosebleeds everywhere!!

    Have you been watching any new anime?
  4. Wow.. what a long explanation ^_^ But, I like it.
    Btw, I guess it is such a great game. Maybe I can release my stress by playing this game.
    Thanks for the info
  5. You live in Malaysia?? That's awesome!! Better than boring America....

    Well....Corpse started out as a pc game in the late 90s but then the PC investment business dropped them completely, so then they resulted to console games, like PSP. I plan on getting a PSP soon because I can't find the pc's really old, and the 2008 version is only in japanese, because the fixed versions are either dead files or have viruses crawling on them...I hate that so much. Welp, can't very well complain about it......anyway, about the game, there are like seven kids: Satoshi, the main character, Yuka, his little sister, Ayumi, class rep, Seiko, best friend of Naomi, Mayu, Kishinuma, Yui, their teacher, and Morshige, a weird phone addict. Anyway, in the game there are about two bad endings you can get and only one good ending, then you can go on in the game.
  6. Upps..... no summer in Malaysia ^^ And I have no plan at all lol
    About the pc game that you have mentioned about, I'm quit interested in it. You can explain more about it if you want to ^^
  7. Sorry I haven't been on lately, some difficulties....

    It's only an OVA right now, but you could watch that. I just got done playing Mad Father a second time. It's a really good game. Have I told you about it? I can if you want me to. I think you should try playing a pc games, they're really fun, and in my opinion, the best pc games are the horror ones. like the new Corpse Party pc game. it's only in japanese right now, but oh buddy you wait till they translate it. I will be downloading that game!!!!

    What have you been doing this summer??
  8. Long time no see. How are you?
    It sounds great ^^ I think I should watch it. MUST WATCH!!! Thanks for the explanation ^^ It really helpful
  9. Yes....he's a grat dancer!! Shiro's okay in my opinion. They're all great, but they each have a different personality that I really like.
    Well, corpse party is about a group of people who get trapped in a haunted elementary school where a handful of kids were mutilated. They got trapped while trying to perform a good luck charm ritual for someone who would be leaving the school and moving away. Well, it went all wrong and suddenly they were trapped in different dimensions of the school, so now they were even more than separated. It's really good, and it also has a lot of scary scenes. You should watch the anime that'll be coming out in July. The game and manga were good too. I expect the anime to be best!
  10. Ow... you really like Fuma. I know that guy. I like watching him dancing ........ and his voice is totally cool too. But, I like Shori more. His is such a cool person.

    Pamyu Pamyu Music is really nice ^^ I enjoy myself listen to the song.
    About COrpse Party, I haven't watch it T_T Is it a movie or a drama??? I really don't know about it. Does it really nice??? If you didn't mind, can you please explain more about it ^_< hehehe..........
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