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Conversation Between -Sasuke Uchiha- and Elezzina

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  1. Good!

    Yes, this year for Christmas I go to the mountain, after a few years that I didn't go.. Wonderful!!! and you?
  2. Yup. I will try my best. Btw, do you celebrate Christmas this year?
  3. Ahhhh ok! You will learn^^
  4. I can speak in Japanese but not so fluent.
  5. I listened the song to Noria! So beautifullll=)
    No I have not talent to speaking Japanese! And you???
  6. I really like Noria. I recommended that you should listen to her song. The title of the song is 'Hitomi No Kotae'. Besides, I also like Flow , Nico Touches The Wall, Access and Ikimono Gakiri. Btw, are you talented in speaking Japanese?
  7. Hihihi Yessss we are in the same boat^^
    Maid-sama is wonderful <3

    I don't have a favorite j-pop artist because i don't listen to Japanese music..
    But, anyway tell me your favorite^^
  8. I also like Naruto. It seems that we are in the same boat. ahh.................. Its hard for me to choose my favorite. OK. Back to the topic. Umm......... ah. I got it.
    I really like friendship + romance + action + adventure anime such as Tsubasa Chronicles, Cardcaptor Sakura and Maid- sama. Plus, I also like action and sport anime.
    Action anime = Bleach, Naruto and 07 Ghost.
    Sport anime = Prince Of Tennis and Kuroko No Basuke.
    Btw, who's your favorite j-pop artist?
  9. Hi^^ No problem:P
    My favorite anime is Naruto but also One Piece! <3
    And your? =)
  10. what's your favorite anime?
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