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Conversation Between -Sasuke Uchiha- and eccha

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  1. thanks happy new year too ..
  2. YUMMY!!! I like spaghetti too ^ ^
  3. yes i listened to it already .. hmm its good.. i did like it..
    uhm.. i have lots of favorite foods.. lol but spaghetti is what i eat again and again..
  4. Yeap!!! I also like carrolings. Do you like that song? Btw, what's your favorite food?
  5. Hi eccha-senpai. Hope you like this song. Enjoy it.

  6. haha its ok.. i loved eating too ..uhm ..we just celebrate our christmas simple at home we cook then we eat all together.. and i liked carrolings during christmas.. it is really fun .. ^^
  7. Um...... every years we always celebrate Christmas. What's your favorite thing about Christmas? Mine would be eating grilled turkey with cranberry sauce during this Christmas Eve. I only know to eat. Shame on me ^_^ hehehe...........
  8. no its ok uhm yes always.. i do celebrate christmas..whatever about you ??
  9. Its okay if you don't like it. Sorry if I have hurt your feeling. Btw, do you celebrate Christmas?
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