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Conversation Between -Sasuke Uchiha- and Akio-sempai

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  1. Hi, Sasuke, how's it going? ^^
  2. I'm good but this year I was kinda busy with my study. No longer I will having my exam ^^
  3. Hi, Sasuke, it's been a while, seeing as how I haven't been on in forever lol how have you been?
  4. Hi there!! Wassup
  5. hey......... How's your day?
  6. red belt.
  7. Thats awesome! i would love to be able to draw characters, all i can do now is draw hallways and outside buildings and houses haha. I used to take karate as a kid, but right now im a martial arts instructor in marine corps martial arts. i should be black belt in another week or two. i really want to take judo and maybe moi thai (i dont know how to spell that haha) but taekwandow would be awesome, what belt are you? cant spell that either haha
  8. Actually,I don't know my talent. But my friends said that i'm good in drawing anime because i had participated in drawing competition (anime) for my school and i won the 1st place. Yeah, I think that is my talent but I can't draw those anime exactly like the mangaka. i'm quit good in taekwondo. btw, are you talented in any muscle art?
  9. Hi! Uhm, as far as talents go, I play the guitar and piano, right now I'm learning rolling girl sang by vocaloid hatsune miku on piano. I learned the acoustic version on guitar, but it's just not as epic lol. I took up sketching tho when I was in Singapore and Thailand, got some anime sketch books, but I don't think I have any real talent for it by hand. I can do it better on the computer. How about you?
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