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Conversation Between -Sasuke Uchiha- and Sizary Momo

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  1. Oh!Do you have a PS3?
  2. Doing nothing.
  3. Good.I played soccer at school and had lots of fun! :P
    How about you?
  4. Hehehe... That's funny. Btw, how's your day?
  5. I love it! If snow was a person I would marry them! xD
  6. Wow!!!!!!!!!! You really like snow,huh.
  7. That sucks for both of us.I told my ma
    that i was gonna live in a place with a TON
    of snow! >:3
  8. I live in Malaysia. Yeah...... In my country there is no snow.
  9. You don't have snow?In Arizona where i live we
    don't get snow in some areas.So we have to drive to
    other towns to see snow. >.>
  10. You're lucky cause you will experience snow in your life not longer from now. Not like me.
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