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Conversation Between -Sasuke Uchiha- and Souten

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  1. Hey, how's your day?
  2. it's ok souten. sometimes, i also take time for replying someone messages. well, i'm not very talented in muscle art but i'm joining in taekwondo. i'm quit good in it.
  3. I'm not talented, is very mediocre. lol
    How about you?
    (Sorry for slow reply. 僕の英語レベルはとても低いのです。)
  4.'s ok. At least you have try your best in drawing anime or painting. Are you talented in any muscle art?
  5. Unfortunately... no I don't.
    but I like drawing pictures like manga or anime.^^
  6. i also like Yoko Takahashi.besides, i also like other j-pop artist such as access, ikimono gakiri and also FLOW.
    do you have any special talent such as you can draw your favorite anime exactly like the mangaka drawing or do something else?
  7. Hi, satsuki uchihaさん
    My favorite artist is Lia, ELISA and Yoko Takahashi.
  8. hi, souten. sorry for disturbing you.
    do you have your favourite anime or j-pop artist? i'm just asking..............
  9. thanks for being my friend.
  10. どういたしまして。
    have a nice day.
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