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Conversation Between -Sasuke Uchiha- and tesaamari

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  1. well i am fine now.. i was sick last week but thank god i am feeling great already.
    i just came from a seminar in lima park hotel, a bit tired but i am grateful it was done already

    how about you? are you feeling good, too?
    ah, how did you spend your valentine's day?
    i went on a group date with my classmates
    we were aupposed to attend our 6-9pm class with our lawyer prof but he didn't come so my friends and i just decided to celebrate heart's day with eachother
  2. Hey wassup!!!
    Long time we haven't chat with each other.
    How are you?
  3. hey, i visited yer profile and have read yer anime list.
    of all, i still have not watched kuroko no basuke >.<
    is that a shonen one?
  4. Ow......... I see. I don't force you to like it. I'm just asking ^_^
  5. hmm.. i neither like it nor hate it
    but my friend likes it very much :3
  6. Great. Do you like Vocaloid?
  7. well, it's just that i don't have a lot of time to watch two or more anime at a time.
    i just watch one episode of SAO every week
    i love those seiyuu who are also singers.
    i have lots of crushes.
    one of which is aya hirano kawaii~
    but i do like male voice actors, too
  8. Ow........ it seems that you really like that anime. Do you have any favorite j-pop artist?
  9. there are lots of anime i love. but right now, i am watching Sword Art Online (SAO)..
  10. Btw, what's your favorite anime?
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