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Conversation Between Diva. and Hiro Of The Dark

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  1. Happy turky day to you too!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving.
  3. Well since im home from work im taking a nap lol and then imma watch anime
  4. I did that before too, why I deleted a post on my page. lol Ah; someone completely dependent on the internet you are? :o Hmm.... I myself like walks (I'm sure you can go outside just to relax), reading a book, and the most laziest thing ever.... napping! I am certain you can do at least 2 and if not all of them if you wanted to unless you truly don't like any of those?
  5. I accidently wrote on my own page lol
  6. Suggest something to do? Besides being on the web, what other things do you like to do?
  7. True but we dont do anything when im down there
  8. Not having any internet isn't that bad. Family time can be good too.
  9. yeah actually im spending it with my father and then friday ill be down my mothers till sunday with no internet lol
  10. Yum. ^^ Any plans for Thanksgiving or do not celebrate?
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