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Conversation Between IluvAllison and Baka Saru Roddish-kun

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  1. yeah, seen that film BARE times. love it, love floyd. syd barrett showed all the symptoms of schizophrenia, especially at the end that whole album is supposedly a mixed autobiography opf waters and barrett, and if you read between the lines somewhat, you kinda get the feeling of the darkness those boys felt. still, happy lives makes crap musicians, pain makes art
  2. Haha ;> No im not a schizophrenic. Thats not why I felt comfortably numb. Hi btw. Ehm. Sitting inside all day, everyday, in front of the computer, that eventually made me feel numb and empty. I've seen the theme in certain songs, I can think of a Green Day song where he feels the same way but its in front of the TV and his apartment then ;P Im not like this anymore though, although I do get that feeling mildly whenever I use wastefully sit on my computer for too long.

    Why, are you schizophrenic? Or something else? Did you feel a connection to that song Comfortably Numb? You know there is a movie called: Pink Floyd The Wall. That song among many others is in there.
  3. Hai ^.^ just had to meet the person who is described by "comfortably numb"
    are you schizophrenic then?
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