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Conversation Between IluvAllison and ❣Theory

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  1. Finding yourself means, knowing who you are and what you want in life. When you look at yourself, you actually see yourself. You don't have that feel of emptiness inside or those thoughts of your future life. You can find yourself in many ways, like someone I know...he is moving to Texas . He says he can't find it here, he wants to go somewhere fresh. For me I went to another state for a week to take a breather, came back not finding myself yet. But I felt relaxed for a while, gave me a breather. After awhile I made some sacrifices and start thinking for myself. Then I found myself to simply put it.
  2. Hey you never know, one can't completely just lose all hope. That is what this world revolves in, hope. Finding yourself and happiness is different for everyone. I can't set in stone what happiness is to a specific person. It's what YoU consider to be happiness and its when you feel your life is complete and you are yourself. For me complete happiness is finally being in a relationship I'm happy in with no question or regrets. My husband is wonderful, granted no one is perfect. But overall, he is my other half, my best friend, my soulmate. I have a wonderful son who just turned two months and my career is going where I want it to. I've had setback believe you me, but since I know who I am and what I have. Nothing can't take me down, unless its my own family.
  3. I like how you say that it will happen, as if its a matter of time : ) You say you have found yourself, what does that even mean though? To you that is... I did say im still seeking but ofc if I havent found it I cant know what it is ^^ And I dont know what the meaning of "finding yourself" is. I can imagine it being something personal which is why im asking you.
  4. Glad it doesn't sound weird to you at all, yay. Trust me I've been in all sorts of situations, even thought I've fallen in love. But I've gone through many trials and hard felt choices. But I've recently have found myself, sure there are some moments when life throws a curveball. But that is nothing compared to back then. Nothing is perfect, but life feels complete and joyful. I'm a realist before I am an optimistic. In due time you will find yourself, sadly patience is needed. But I tell you now, it will happen. I almost gave up back then, even suicidal thoughts. But I overcame all that, mostly by myself. But I did have a few good people that never left my side.
  5. Wow... no it doesnt sound weird at all to me. It sounds like something I would do. I, however am still a seeker ^_^ I havent found my way yet. But wow you even say that your life is complete. That is a very powerful thing to say. Its complete and you feel a deep joy and happiness? Thats what I think of when I hear happy and complete, true happiness.
  6. Well observed and glad you found common grounds with what I've posted about. As I have stated, at one point in our lives we have all been there. When I was way young, I was in that position of wondering who I am and where my life is heading. Things were very difficult and severe, but now my life is happy and complete. When I saw the blog option on here, some reason that busted out. I felt that emotion and wish to help anyone in need. Sounds weird I bet.
  7. Your first blog seemed to me very personal and deep, I recognised many of the things you said. What made you write this?
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