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Conversation Between IluvAllison and GuiltySpark

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  1. Oh Sin City!! I freaking love Sin City!! The epic story-telling in that movie is soooo coool!! Clive Owen and Bruce Willis are BAMF in that movie. really everyone is. Even Josh Hartnett who is in the movie for like 3 mins is really cool.

    I didnt like Fantastic 4, I havent seen Hellboy im planning on changing that soon, I have high hopes for Man of Steel but the the other superman movies were trash (i have watched parts of the old ones and i wouldnt say i like them but i could see where for their time they were probably entertaining)

    How bout you? hahahaha i feel like i dug through my soul put it to words and now am asking the same from you
  2. The Watchmen!! Graphic Novel but still so darn good that movie blows me away.
    I liked Green Lantern and I was thinking it would be pure trash going into it but I watched a lot of the special features before I saw the movie and the details they talked about really got me into the movie. I expect improvements in future ones but I like what they can build from. Reynolds isnt the best but not terrible either. I did hate the CGI eye mask he wears tho
    I liked The Crow, Jonah Hex was better than I thought it would be, Blade is good, The Punisher is awesome
  3. I will be sure to look into Horimiya.

    Comic movies I like are:

    Xmen all except that Wolverine one even though it had some good parts it was overall a terrible movie. I love Xmen to the point of fanboydom
    The Avenger movies (Thor, Captain America Iron Man even though two kinda sucked the end scene w Stark and Warmachine was killer!, Hulk The Edward Norton one not the first one with the flying Hulk that sucked)
    Pretty much every Batman movie even the cheesy 90s ones were cool in their day (I was like 8-10 when watching that so i liked it) but the Dark Knight Trilogy is just the pinnacle of Batman movies for me.
    I liked the Spiderman movies. The first was by far the best and they steeply decline in quality but I like Spiderman and each had their moments. Also I credit them for really bringing the Comic Genre to the forefront (Spiderman was a box office TITAN!)
  4. You've never read manga? interesting. Im not a big manga fan myself but last night I was looking for something that would fit me. Its called Horimiya perhaps you could give it a try ^^

    Btw name some of your favorite comic book movies and why they are ;D
  5. I actually havent read manga and I have only read a few comics. I would not be able to tell you the differences. Id be curious to know as well.
  6. I dont know much about Silver Surfer other than the AVGN review of the NES game xD What do you think is the biggest differences between comic book and manga? Because I seem to have a harder time getting into a comic book than I do with a manga xD It was a while ago I read a comic book and if I did recently again im sure id know why personally but it doesnt hurt to hear other people's views :>
  7. Ya I have a few comics but there are so many!!! too hard to keep up with everything.

    I got a silver surfer comic that I need to read. I heard Silver surfer could be getting a movie since he was reclaimed by Marvel (from FOX)
  8. Ohh I didnt even know those two were different! No wonder Azazel is red and Kurt Wagner Nightcrawler was blue! haha xD Well that changes everything, the teleport that Azazel possesses would be really great to have.

    I love X-Men too XD Too bad im not a fan of comik books and there arent enough movies to satisfy me ;D
  9. Im pretty sure Azazel's power is different than say Nightcrawler because Nightcrawler could only teleport to a place he can see and Azazel can teleport anywhere. (hes actually really really powerful) And youre right the dropping wouldnt need strength to pull off but Azazel has other fighting powers I would not claim.

    I love X Men
  10. And yeah thats a good point about the intelligence. But I still wouldnt trade it xD Yes the athletic part is very important for me because I also want my power to be practical and be used for purposes other than fighting.
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