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Conversation Between IluvAllison and Formalin Sea

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  1. LOL hahaha ;D thats funneh ^_^
  2. OOOOOOO I only like blue dogs.
  3. I havent seen that show so I have an excuse xD That dog is from One Piece, remember, woff woff, the dog who sounded like a man barking? lol. The one guarding the shop in Nami's town. The one crazy enough to fight a giant lion named RICHIEEEEEEEE xD haha
  4. Also i have no idea who that dog is.
  5. Kuroko no basket!
  6. I dont know what that dog is but it looks weird lol. here's another dog:
    guess whooo?
  7. Heeey cutie dog is that you in the avatar? Didnt know you were so furry ;D
  8. Mayyuuuu
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