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Conversation Between IluvAllison and -Sasuke Uchiha-

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  1. Drawing anime is what I always do. History and Geography, that's my homework. I need to make notes of it using the new method, COMICS. Now days, all Malaysians students need to write their notes by making comics. Actually, I like it but I'm tired to make 2 copies of comics. One for His and the other hand for Geo. Tired..............................
  2. what do you like to do? And what subject is your homework about?
  3. nothing, just doing what i like and my day's quit bad BECAUSE I NEED TO FINISH MY HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT SO MUCH
  4. lol im a senpai. i had a good day, how was yours?
  5. hey....... Mayushi- senpai. How's your day?
  6. not at all. i can speak japanese a little.
  7. ahh, im 22 lol. nah i studied japanese little bit in high school but now i just learn what i hear from anime so i can talk bad and with bad grammar lol, thats fun! you can talk or write japanese well?
  8. i'm 16. how bout you? btw, are you talented in speaking Japanese?
  9. i listened to the hitomo no kotae, it was kinda beatiful ;> very nice violin play and a nice voice. Im from sweden. how old are you?
  10. yeah.i'm from malaysia. my favorite j-pop artist is noria and i like her song very much mostly hitomi no kotae. i still like other j-pop artist like access, ikimono gakiri, nico touches the wall and FLOW. where are you from?
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