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Conversation Between IluvAllison and -Sasuke Uchiha-

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  1. hey, my day has been fine. how about yours?
  2. Hey! How's your day?
  3. ahhh............. It is hard for me to chose my favorite. Okey. Back to the topic. I think that I like friendship + romance + adventure anime = such as Tsubasa Chronicles, Maid-sama and Cardcaptor Sakura. Plus, I also like action and sport anime.
    Action anime = Bleach, 07 Ghost and Naruto.
    Sport anime = Kuroko no Basuke and Prince of Tennis.

    Overall, I think my favorite is Prince Of Tennis.
    Echizen Ryoma just joined the Seishun Gakuen Middle School tennis team, which is known for being one of the most competitive teams in Japan. Ryoma has proven his skills by winning four straight American junior tournament titles. With his skills, Ryoma challenges a rule of Seishun Gakuen that freshmen don\'t represent the team to play in tournaments until summer.
  4. my favorite anime is probably One Piece! I love it to death ;D I have rewatched the first 300-400episodes proably 2-3times and some other arcs even more, its just aweeeesome I always revisit the show once in a while ;D What is your favorite anime and why?
  5. I bet you are right. Btw, let's forget about this homework and all that stuff. What your favorite anime?
  6. is that because they have hard time with the drawing methods? Letting 16 year olds all of a sudden start drawing assignments when some have never drawn sounds too much to me.
  7. This method starts this year and most of my friends doesn't finish their homework at the right time.
  8. is there no one in the class that has a hard time drawing? Or is it taught to children from early years?
  9. I don't know. Actually, this is for The School-Base Assessment. The teachers said that we as the new generation need to be creative and doing what does others didn't do. We can write through essay only when the teacher allow.
  10. huh writing school notes in comic drawing form? that seems very strange why dont they just allow you to write an essay or like answer questions? I have never heard of schools making you explain a subject by drawing comics. how does that work?
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