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Conversation Between IluvAllison and Mayumi shizuku sia

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  1. Duh! I'm a Japanese!
    My name is mayumi shizuku sia
    thx for the compliment
    By the way, konnichiwa!
  2. OMG the Mayumi story!! That was so long ago o_O Sorry I didnt think of that. I looked it up now though.

    Edit: Having looked around a little I noticed :o Are you japanese? Also it seems your name is Mayumi, just like the girl in the story.
  3. I dont understand, what story? ^^
  4. that story!
  5. huh, wat? wrote what? xD im confused ^^ unravel the mystery for me please.

    Hi to you tho hehe : )
  6. duh!
    ive wrote it!
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