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Conversation Between IluvAllison and Jozette

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  1. Hey mayu!
  2. Hi there jozzy : >
  3. Lol. I left you my skype/yahoo to keep in touch but you didnt accept that : ) But yeah I guess I was wrong, I didnt leave the internet forever, I have however cut back on my AF activity drastically ergo the late reply. See I tried to use a big word there, I wonder if I did it right ;>
  4. UGH I'M LEAVE THE INTER ENT 5EVAR1!11!!1 :I But you were active today.
  5. Bye mayuu! Tumblr! JozzThejoker
  6. whaaat you didnt? Omg that song is frikkin amazing and its fast paced too! I thought that would be your cup of tea ;P

    haha wat, in what context was that said by Xey? haha. Not that am offended lol, in a blog I myself bashed the swedish language xD
  7. Ah! I never really liked that song... Lol ;; The song was Ass-big sean.

  8. I cant even watch it lol but i think thats for the best ^^ Goodnight Jozz, when you wake up listen to this ;D I found it among my old youtube links, its really good! Someone of you vocailoders had linked it to me.
  9. good night Mayu im leaving you with a last bit of me a vulgar song about bUtts.
  10. Haha nice ;D I havent started reading it yet tho haha but I will ;P

    Yeah famous would be a pain I dont think I would like that either. But isnt that something worth sacrificing for the dream? And im sure one would get used to it eventually, and like hey you could be one of those more private people. I think it would be totally worth it over a 9 to 5 job. To act for a living! To live the dream! Not in order to become famous but to do what you love AND get paid for it! Now how awesome wouldnt that be? ;D
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