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Conversation Between IluvAllison and sasukelover124

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  1. just on here and facebook
  2. im browsing through wondering if I wanna join or not. And you?
  3. whats up
  4. hi there
  5. hey
  6. yea
  7. I see well thats good you've been making progress =) ... :o
  8. well yes and no i still have a little shyness at school but thats only when i meet new ppl but im still to shy to show my poems to every one ik so i put my poems on here
  9. Does that mean you have overcome your shyness and can be yourself at your new school?
  10. well on af i can usley be myself irl i can be shy and laught at. thisis the place i can usely be free to write my poems and relly express my feelings and be me well thats what i was like when i went to my old school i was addicted to this when i was at my old school now im not addicted to it
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