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Conversation Between Kitty~Chan and Blackwaltz

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  1. Thank you so much
  2. Found one!
  3. Really? Thank you
  4. You know what? Just for you, I'll check out eBay for a copy.
  5. I lent my vol. 3 another birth to a friend and she lost it v.v it was my favorite out of the four books. I can't find it in stores but only online but I don't have paypal so can't buy it
  6. I have the two A.I. Buster books, the three volumes of Legend of the Bracelet, the two .Hack/XXXX books and the first three volumes of G.U. I'm a big manga person, it's what I buy mostly. I never did get the Another Birth books because by the time I was fully infatuated with .Hack they had been bought and hadn't been replaced. So eBay!
  7. Another birth I only am at game to but I have the books and read them so I know what happens from BlackRose's point of view. GU I've made to game 3 but never beat it. I kept losing. Sign I've got 2 of the CDs but they are not in order ^_^; . Legend of the Twilight I Have the first two discs but never found the third. I did watch it online so I know how it ends. It is nothing really like the Manga. Ive only watched the first few episodes of the series with Haseo. I can't remember the name. ^_^; I really need to wake up before typing on here. And the episodes with Mei I've only seen like 2 of those.
  8. Mine was good, went to dinner with my Mom and worked. Pretty easy going. I'm hoping next weekend I'll be able to get out and go somewhere with friends. I've played the first three and the first G.U. game, I love .Hack in all of its forms. .Hack//Sign is in my top 10 of favorite anime, partially for the music. *hums the opening song*
  9. It was ok. How was yours? Yes I do. I haven't got to play them all but I'll eventually will get to
  10. Hey how was your weekend? *Looks down at other post* You've played the .Hack games?!?!?!
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