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Conversation Between romeocute and Maki the contractor

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  1. awwww.... poor you!
  2. cant find them
    i only kinda care they like cartoon anime and video games and be nice person and be close to 18 years old so am not even picky so why cant i find some one ;u;
  3. Wow really? I bet there's a lot of girls here. Why did you poke my nose?
  4. i need more lady friends or girlfriend online
  5. pokes nose
  6. Well in hawaii by the way I live in texas just putting that out there. In hawaii it is 4:34pm
  7. here it is 8:29 pm Chicago central time
  8. I'm at school
  9. here alone watching tv
  10. Nothin' much. How are you doing?
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