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Conversation Between Winter night and -Sasuke Uchiha-

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  1. So you are a Malaysian ^_^ Well, that's great. Did you studied here or at Singapore?
    How's your day?
  2. oh btw Im actually Malaysian too^^ just that I was born in Singapore haha im Malaysian Chinese^^
  3. ichigo and rukia^^ haha . im 13 from Singapore^^
  4. Yeap. I also like bleach. btw, what is your favorite character in bleach? as for me, i really like ichigo kurosaki. oh......ya. i'm 16 and from malaysia. how about you?
  5. I love bleach the most^^ sorry for late reply and no problem^^
  6. what is your favorite anime or j-pop artist?
  7. thanks.
  8. hi^^ I dun mind being friends with you^^
  9. Hi. I'm a new person here.
    I need some friends.
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