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Conversation Between Winter night and -Sasuke Uchiha-

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  1. thanks happy new year to you too sorry I don't have any of those kind of anime pics ><
  2. haha merry late Christmas to you too XP sakura x sasuke fanfiction haha starting rewatching naruto again haha
  3. sakusasu fanfiction.... what's that?
    and Merry Late Christmas reply to you.
  4. lol ahh err sorry for late reply heheh merry Christmas by the way haha^^ I think I read too much sakusasu fanfiction and now im obsessed with sasuke ><
  5. Ahh................ roti prata is my favorite too. How can I forgot it in my list. Maybe I was become older and older and forgetting something................ T_T Poor me........................
  6. oh wait I like sushi too ... how can I forget it... ai yo....roti prata I guess XD my mum's fried rice is really good haha
  7. Yummy! You really like your mom homemade food,huh ^_^ Mine would be Japanese food like sushi, ramen, teriyaki, udon and tempura. Those are my favorite ^ ^ Ohh..........ya, my father's homemade fried rice. Do you like any Indian food?
  8. but Malaysian a lot of spicy food o.o I like hmm... fried kuay teow err wanton noodles and mum's fried rice and western food (some of them)
  9. Yup. Same goes to me. I really hate spicy food T_T I can't stand with it. Here in Malaysia lots of spicy foods sell at the food stalls. I HATE IT and sometimes it does tasteless. Btw, what's your favorite foods?
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