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Conversation Between Ωmega and Chewbaka

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  1. lol, seems that way. And I look forward to the next one too =D
  2. It's official, the wolves will win this game of Wolf. I can't wait for the next one! I feel optimistic about it! =3
  3. yep @_@
  4. I just realized how bad a Borderlands themed Wolf game would be. Unless you don't include the 8 Vault Hunters in the game, you'd have to write Second Wind states and whatnot.
  5. Sorry! I was watching Dexter and was distracted =<
  6. You. You got me. Thought I was magically revived with their version of SCIENCE!, but you got me.
  7. I don't know. I think it would've made my butt look big.
  8. lol, but the Princess Heart costume is so wonderfully gaudy xD!!!
  9. Well, good thing I didn't have to wear the costume. =P
  10. I hope for some awesome tricky stuff.
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