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Conversation Between Ωmega and FluffyEmjay

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  1. Well, feel free to ask if you have any more questions/issues =D
  2. Oh okay, now I know. Muahehuehuehue. -chokes-
    Yeah, I noticed. Hahaha! :3
  3. No, you need to send me a PM with your entry. And not a problem, it takes a little time to adjust to a forum =3
  4. So I'll just comment my work there?
    I'm embarrassed... I commented on my wall and I thought you'll get notified. D: *hides under the table*
  5. Not a problem! If you want to join SOTW, just go to the SOTW contest section: and look up the current contest and theme. Make sure to just read the rules and note the due date =3
  6. Gaah! I though this was a personal message... T-T
  7. I'm really really new. How do you submit entries in such competitions like SOTW or anything. I want to join this community. :<
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