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Conversation Between Ωmega and Scruffy

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  1. lol, I was using an actual example from the game. It made me giggle everytime
  2. xDD

    It can't be that silly. Although I do admit, switching to a game without any OBJECTION!s or HOLD IT!s or TAKE THAT!s will be hard. D:
  3. Enjoy! Its fun, though some of the segway to the puzzles are a little silly. "Oh, a banana peel....that reminds me of a puzzle!" lulwut?

    Thanks. :]
  5. Well, the first is the Curious Village, but I have Unwound Future. From what Ive experienced, you can pick up any of them and play them with no problems
  6. AA is 90% dialogue. PL actually seems a lot more...engaging. :3
    xD Are they sequels? Like, would I need to play the first one and then the second, etc., or would I be okay with just picking up one of the latest ones?
  7. I personally enjoy it more than AA, but maybe thats just me. I also like tapping around for coins, then shouting "Professor just got PAID!" when I find one xD
  8. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

    Thoroughly enjoying it so far. Obviously everything else pales in comparison to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and its AMAZING soundtrack, but this is pretty good so far. :3

    Oh my. How does PL compare to AA? I'm pretty excited about the crossover between the two though, to be honest.
  9. Of course I do. Which Pheonix Wright? I have Trials and Tribulations. Havent finished it yet, was too busy with Professor Layton. x3
  10. 8D

    L.A. NOIRE. I've been hyped about it for awhile, but now I have to wait a week for it to get returned to these rental stores x_x

    Do you play vidya? To make up for the lack of L.A. Noire, I've been playing Phoenix Wright. :o
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