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Conversation Between Ωmega and Vaishu

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  1. Something bad ass!With a lot of violet or red.Or maybe a little musical?
    But if not anything is cool.Thanks:3
  2. Yeah, I have time. What would you like?
  3. I would love that.I don't want to bother you so if you have time it's cool.
  4. I havent made any in a while, photoshop crashes on me a lot, but if youd like a new one Id be more than happy to make one =]
  5. I'm good,thanksStarted coming around recently,so I thought I'd say hi.
    Are you still making those Awesome Signatures?
  6. It has! Ive been good, how about you?
  7. Hi Maru!How are you?It's been long
  8. Maru:3
  9. Ah,that is ok,I love it!It looks smashing!Thanks
  10. Its a bit more pink then red ^_^;;;;;
    Id be more than happy to edit it for you if youd like:
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