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Conversation Between Ωmega and GameGeeks

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  1. Well, he agreed that first and foremost people shouldnt be allowed to change their name mid-game, but thats another story. We also discussed having the players actually write up reasons for their votes or they wont count. Stuff like "I agree with what player x said, so Im voting for player y" or quoting player x and then voting for y wont count as a solid vote.
  2. Such as? Spoke to him last night and seemed like the only rule he's adding is chance.
  3. True, but Chris and I discussed adding a few rules that will hopefully help improve that problem
  4. Does when the problem isn't so much the rules but the players. Not all, just most.
  5. I know, but its true that walking away fromt he problem wont do much to help try and solve it.
  6. So much to sticking to your guns.
  7. Chris kinda sweet talked me into it. He told me he was adding a few rules that Im hoping improve the game, so I figured Id give it another shot
  8. Thought you where done with wolf.
  9. Wow, your quote of Eris also got sent to me and even said you quoted me. >.<
  10. You know, this is kinda what I picture you looking like. It kinda fits your username.
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