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Conversation Between Ωmega and DeathBlade/13.666

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  1. Fair enough, it's only 2 more years of schooling.
  2. He only has an associates. He plans to earn his bachelors during his 4 years =]
  3. Ah, fair enough. Seeing as he has a degree already (hopefully a Bachelors), if he likes it enough after the initial 4; he can look into becoming an officer (if he wants). The benefits are well worth it.
  4. Yeah, he has a degree in criminal justice. He had applied for the police academy but they declined him for people coming in from out of state. He still hasnt decided if he wants to do the full 20 years or do 4 and become a cop after
  5. Yeah, he has a degree in criminal justice. He had applied for the police academy but they declined him for people who were transferring out of state. Hes not sure if hes going to do the 20 years of military or just 4 and join the police force
  6. Fair enough, at least he wanted it. I know way too many that either got suckered into it from a recruiter or they just ended up getting it because they went Open General. I don't know he if has a degree or not, but being that he will be SF; it may behoove him to look at the CCAF, even if just to see what credits he will be getting and what it will be good towards (Being the CCAF only hands out Associate degrees, it may or may not be interesting; but it definitely was a help in knocking off about 25 or so credits on my degree when I went for my Bachelors) especially if he wants to look at a degree in law/law enforcement. But it will be best for wait on doing any actual college work until he has his 5-level (skill level base towards his job), mainly because he'll need to maintain focus on his job related training until then.
  7. He wanted military police, so that he can move on afterwards to being a cop. And I'll let him know to ask you if he has questions =D
  8. Security Forces? That sucks. At least he'll be able to play with more guns than just the M16 and M9. I am an AF vet myself, so if y'all have any questions about the job, being in the service, or anything like that, feel free to hit me up. I know the recruiters like to tell folks a lot things, half of which is false and the other half is true under certain circumstances.
  9. Im assuming you mean his job? Hes going as military police, he leaves for boot camp sometime soon. His contract is supposed to be for sometime after October 1st, but they could call him to leave sooner
  10. Off to the Air Force, huh? What AFSC?
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