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Conversation Between Ωmega and Kaitou+

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  1. Sorry just got around this. It's fine.
  2. Sorry, just a lot of stuff happened with work, one of the guys quit in a blaze of glory and started making threats, so we've been staying late to make up for him not being there and have to wait for security to escort us to our cars one by one, so Ive been getting home really late lately =___=
  3. I take it you can't join, if so that's cool.

    Denja, ZW and Nodoka are playing btw, so they would be familiar to you.
  4. Sure, if no one minds Im only active after [roughly] 7 pm EST
  5. Hey, are you up for a mafia game?
  6. Probably, Im going to be looking for a new home in Orlando then have to make sure we're moved before February. Why, whats up?
  7. Are you gonna be busy in January?
  8. lol, agreed
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