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Conversation Between Ωmega and blueangel06661

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  1. goooo look in the secret art place of secretness plz. tiz new but not really.
  2. Found this stock:

    Seemed like it was up your ally so I'm passing it on.
  3. Request sent =3
  4. I missed your message where you gave me your skype.. I tried adding and it didn't work x.X blah.
    mine is victoriacreech :3
  5. Im not on it terribly much, but my skype name is Maru_Mod_Dashi =3
  6. Good for you.. Unfortunately I'm not as strong.. Keep your head up.. You're still welcomed a visit anytime regardless even though I haven't really chatted with you. AF peeps are always welcomed. feel free to add me on skype if you desire and have one- victoriacreech :3
  7. You get used to Miami xD
    And I was looking forward to it too. Whats funny is that now, a month after he left me for no reason, hes contacting me again with the whole 'I miss you...' crap. He can kiss my ass, Im not taking him back
  8. Whaaaaat D:
    And I was looking forward to having someone to hang out with when I went back home.... that bites... :[ that's some sucky news... Hmmm Miami is a crazy place anyways... I'm scared of Miami xD
  9. He didnt make it in the school, then broke up with me a month afterwards. Apparently now hes going to try for the Orlando school from what Ive heard from mutual friends. But since Im not tied down to Miami anymore because of him, my mom is considering selling our house and moving us up to St. Augustine where her sister lives @[email protected]
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