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  1. That's really sad. I actually have like four gay friends and I find them no different then non gay ones. I never understood why someone would be bothered with race or sexuality. This is what makes Earth so great. Everyone's different! Also I'm sorry to hear that. They seem ignorant.
  2. Tell him he's very welcome. I know it won't be easy, but he needs to do his part for himself and for gays everywhere. I am doing my part as well. Just today I was told that some of my coworkers complained that I kissed my girlfriend while at work. It hurts that they are bothered by my sexuality, but I am being strong as well.
  3. I told the boy [his name is Derek] that you said that. He told me to tell you that made him a bit happier and wanted to thank you.
  4. Tell him that living in fear is no way to live his life. His gay brothers and sisters have fought long and hard for acceptance and equality, and he needs to be strong like them.
  5. Hey Caper. I needed your opinion on something. I was noticing some comments on your wall recently and something in school reminded me of the comments so I'd like to ask you.

    Recently this boy in school was being picked on for being gay. I felt really bad for the kid so I obviously stepped in. I'm known for helping out kids that get bullied. The kid is scared to come back to school because he fears being bullied. I need to know what to say to him so I can get him back up and running.
  6. Happy Birthday Caper :] have a good one!
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