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Conversation Between Acid-Fang and blueangel06661

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  1. Definitely.
  2. Trueee but it also easier for more input say if "x" isn't on but (y) is they can read and put in their opinion when they log on rather than the topic changing....
  3. Oh yea, them. Yea, I'm in the chat constantly so I don't really use those. You might wanna give it a try. Flash isn't on, but Kaitou Ace is, and I'm there. It's a lot nicer for me, because it's more of a instant thing. Not a constant back and forth through site refreshing like through the forum and VM's. ^.^ But to each their own, you know?
  4. Idk if your section has one but Dazzle and Misc do

    You just go to the forum front page, and the headers like "AnimeGalleries.Net Forums" "Anime and manga!" "General Talk" to see the subforums.. Utilizing them could be somewhat helpful.. Idk..
  5. What?! We've got section mod boards??? Where?
  6. It seems like the section mod boards are all dead... Why is this?? I think if they were used it'd be easier to converse ideas for activity, questions, etc. But seems GFX area's board hasn't been touched since like 08.. lol..
  7. Well, Both you're sections have rules in place. So, I assume you've at least took a peek at them once. Otherwise, room the sections and make sure folks are following them, and look for the usual tough like double posts and threads.... It's not much, but it's a good start.
  8. Yeah I already asked him what I need to do but he hasn't been online today
  9. Yea, I know what you mean. But I'm sure a lot of they saw that it was one or two particular folks saying that, and that don't have much room to talk either. Gotta say, the "probie" comment made me laugh hard. But as far as doing the job, it's not too bad. You've got some help with the sections your watching, and definitely take the time to learn the ropes from them. I know FlashD's a big help for me, so don't be afraid to ask any of us. If you need a quick answer or resolve, there's always on mod/admin in chat.
  10. That clears it up... Thanks dude ^___^

    I'm nervous but I'm sure I'll get over it quickly.. :3 you guys are so accepting.. I thought a riot would break loose after the news broke.. Because a member themselves once said "Hahaha, the way he acts automatically disqualified him, it's like making BA a mod. The mods want people who are nice to other members to run their place."

    And here I am.. with this probie tag...

    Though I wished the name probe was changed though.. Thanks to Katy Perry's "ET" Ft. Kayne.. It reminds me of the verse talking about probing of that song :|
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