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Conversation Between Yugami and Albear

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  1. Happy new year!
  2. hmm...
    I thing Half of my blood is Japanese (from mother) and half is british (from father)... (im japanese or british :3)
    unfortunaly I just remember a bit about Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana and Romaji -_-
    Cuz 17 years not read/write it..

    c u around.. ^^
  3. Are you Japanese?
    And that's cool! I lived in the Philippines as a kid, and moved to America when I was 7.
  4. I born in nippon... but at 5 years old... I move with my mother to Birmingham...

  5. It's about almost 1:30 pm here in afternoon.
    Where are you from?
  6. Konbanwa... ^^

    I dont know what time at you country..
  7. Hello. :3
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