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Conversation Between Akiro and Sighanide

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  1. makes sense. I started playing Fallout 3 'cause i lost 3 hours of bioshock to it crashing while i was saving it. i think i might upload Fallout 3 stuff to mah channel
  2. Yeah I like zombies that was fun. Not all the times but I do run into a few jerks here and there in MP.
  3. Loved the MW3 co-op. Loved Zombies. Hate everything else. The plots are terrible, the graphics are of a game lagging 3 years behind, and the community, from what i've seen, is full of jerks.
  4. I just like treyarchs version of Cod better.
  5. I hate call of duty, but i might as well knuckle under and play it if everyone else is.
  6. Yeah it is pretty fun lol and Yeah I'm going to get Black Ops 2. Really looking forward to that!
  7. its hard, but its really fun xP

    anyway, inFAMOUS and Journey are teh games i wanna get for PS3, but i might get MW3 or Black Ops 2. well, if i have it, i might as well use it for something.
  8. Oh I see cool Infamous and Journey are great games! I haven't played Bioshock but I've heard some great things about it!
  9. there are some PS3 exclusives i wanna play...

    just yesterday i started playing bioshock...
  10. I thought you didn't like console games man?
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