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Conversation Between Akiro and Sighanide

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  1. Why?
  2. To be honest I don't really look into metacritic scores.
  3. Aw. Listen to me when i say: Get Dishonored(for the PC, not XBOX or PS3). it got a 91, which is i think the highest rating ever on metacritic. thats HIGH praise.
  4. I'm pretty good how about you? As for ACIII no I haven't got it..yet
  5. Yesh, it is. It is. Crken, one of mah best friends, is pretty awesome also
    he uploaded the video. How you doing? did you get AC3 yet?
  6. Sweet man that's pretty awesome!
  7. Oh, i found out i was actually featured in this video, didn't know i was in it. I was with the dude when he said, "ERMAGERD ITS A WURM!"
    anyway, here's the video:
  8. kinda, i'mma get another appointment in the next 4 weeks, so, yeah.
  9. Sorry to hear man it is fixed now though right?
  10. Visited a Physical Therapist today. we talked about politics and gaming and stuff while practically broke my wrist.
    well, actually, he fixed my wrist. I sprained my arm back in april and its been feeling pretty bad since.
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