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Conversation Between Akiro and Sighanide

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  1. Lol sounds like fun man!
  2. Well, I'm now, in all respects, a happy little motherf*cker. I also appear to swear more, and this hath occurred unto me henceforth my departure to Europe.
    Yesterday, I had a day off, and I just watched Infinite Stratos (the whole thing). In terms of gaming, Killing Floor and Left 4 Dead 2 are TEH BEST. GO BUY DEM NAO xD
    Oh, and I'm technically-illegally-getting Crysis 3. Don't worry, I'm still paying for it
    Gotta love Crysis :3
  3. For now? Yeah lol
  4. No? T_T
  5. Oi! You still with me?
    best quote ever
  7. Yup Shinobu! Zombies is really fun loved it!
  8. Wait, is that Bakemonogatari? as you're avatar, I mean.
    anyway, I now kind of want to buy Blops 2 for the soundtrack, and I wanna play Zombies, but not really interested in the multiplayer or campaign.
  9. Lol! Ok got ya!
  10. I'm not buying Blops 2. EVER. I might buy the soundtrack, but otherwise no.
    I know, Uncharted 3 is first on my list
    Heavy Rain is a movie in which you press buttons. 'nuff said.
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