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Conversation Between Akiro and Sighanide

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  1. I'm not much of a pc gamer but that looks really cool man!
  2. I'm asking because i got a game FOR RETAIL, called Lone Survivor. It's a Psychological Horror Game. Here's the Steam Page with a trailer:
  3. Same, pretty much. Do you have a PC that can run games?
  4. Lol dude I'm pretty good now. As for video games I like shooters,rpg's and action/adventure.
  5. I see you play video games. What kind?
  6. aw crap i just asked you that xD
  7. Pretty good. Tired, but good. you?
  8. Yeah one of my fav characters of Rosario+Vampire.
    I'm doing pretty well how about you?
  9. i see........ shiriyuki-san? O_O

    surprised i remembered that, been a long time since if seen it.
    anyway, how you doing?
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