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Conversation Between Akiro and Sighanide

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  1. So your a P.E teacher huh? Sounds cool.
  2. well, i have free time to make a game. The only REAl thing that i've been doing recently is teaching a class of 13-15 year olds and track and field.
  3. Yeah my g button was acting up lol I was talking about Game Songwriting!
  4. well, thats what i THINk you said...
  5. Why nawt :3

    whatcha want it to be about?
  6. Sonwriting for a ame would be pretty sweet!
  7. in essence, play or write soundtracks for games that are created. it could be like a second job
    i helped a bit with Lone Survivors Soundtrack...
  8. yeah, but last time it didn't really work out...

    i was a pretty good singer, but being in a band would probably take up to much of my time...
    I still can play songs at the Digipen recording studio.
  9. You used to play in a band man? That's cool if you like it that much you should do it again.
  10. I've done some thinking, and I wanna play in a band again, or at least just write songs.
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